goosh finally a day for rest, today is a sad day, i know that for USA is also sad, in september 11 of 1973, the chilean militars killed the president of that time elected democratedly Salvador Allende and they bombed the palace of goverment (like the Chilean White House) .
General Pinochet took the power and through his 17 years of reign, 60.000 people (aprox) died horrible death after long periods of torture. A lot of them are still missing, they were buried on deserts or just left in the sea. The militars still living from that time still dont want to give the informacion of were those corpses are, leaving so many people incapable of being in peace mourning their deads.
The Nixon administration had a fundamental role in this, he backed Pinochet and helped him with systems to spy, weapons between others things.
Today in history is a terrible day, we all in Chile mourn this day.



" Who’d want me for a flatmate ? "

( Maybe WIP )


you know what? my favorite blog being really serious is deducemesir , i mean i love her and all but gosh, i love everything she reblogs and draw and make, and just, go check her out! :) she is also a sweetheart! <3 <3




morgeous! bbcthree #saveintheflesh



Paintings in detail - Thomas Cole + Clouds


hi people, sorry for being so out of tumblr 

miss you <3






From a portrait life drawing session. About 15 minutes.



My sister works in senior care ( the girl in the drawings isn’t my sister ).



Another Sherlock drawing.



Sally, done with crosshatching.



A sketch that really got a bit out of hand. Also, I missed Benedict’s birthday so THIS IS… FOR THAT. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB