Benedict Cumberbatch (an edit a day - 332/??)



A somewhat quick Sherlock study, maybe 1 1/2 hours.



Another Sherlock drawing.



Here they are again.

I like 1 -3, the ones done from ref in one line. They’re fluid. Even if the proportions are somewhat off.

4, from Imagination…. the composition is alright, I guess. I liked it better in my head. Anatomy is off and the arm from the on the left is bothering the picture, going take it out.

( also, I don’t know if any of you do that, but if someone wants to red line them, I’d like that )



Random sketches:

1. Tree sketch, I want to do a series of them

2. Figure sketches from imagination, I want to get better at doing them and I want to paint these ( after I correct them).

3 - 5 : Exercice I read about, Figure sketches from reference done in one continuous line.


Feliz cumpleaños, guapa ^^

gracias Bella! :) ten un bonito día! <3 <3



John’s eyes dip close, his lips part, and he waits.


happy birthday!

thank you sweet heart <3 <3 miss you!!! 


starfish-are-stickers ha dicho:Oh my gosh happy birthday!

thank you darling! :)


hi this is how 20 look like



so can we stop talking about the world cup and talk about important things like how sherlock is in love with john

okey :c



omg Chile i’m so sad for you, you played so well :(

congrats to brazil anyway !


You gotta hand it to them, Chile played great.


don’t cry Gary, don’t cry my Gary, i love you, i am so sad Christ, we were so close, you all know Chile played better, but lucky stuck on Brazil side, game is a game, well done Brazil



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